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The New Reality of Consuming ITOM Software as a Service

Updated: Mar 13

The New Reality of Consuming ITOM Software as a Service

The past two years of pandemic-induced shifts in business strategy have exposed IT Operations teams to a new reality—gain agility or risk becoming mere curators of a shrinking legacy IT estate.

In early 2020, as COVID-19 engulfed the world, some industries saw demand spike. Our healthcare and retail customers needed more staff in different departments. Other industries, like travel and manufacturing, had to rapidly contract, suddenly expand, and then contract again as waves of COVID emerged and receded. And almost every company and government agency began supporting a new work-from-home approach that taxed networks in new ways and raised governance and communications challenges.

Those shifts had an impact on IT. Processes that lacked agility were exposed, driving business leaders and developers to look for alternatives beyond what IT could offer. Business apps had made the move to SaaS years ago, so business leaders began asking why IT Operations hadn’t taken full advantage of the elasticity that SaaS offers to scale up and down.

Continuing to ignore these demands is a path to irrelevancy.

But within IT there are many good reasons why so much ITOM software continues to run on-premises. The cost of migration, the risk of breaking established processes, the burden of training, and the lack of bandwidth versus higher priorities are all contributing factors. Micro Focus appreciates these constraints, so we are delivering on solutions to help our customers both run and transform to meet the new demands they face.

The Micro Focus ITOM SaaS Strategy

When Micro Focus announced a move to containerize our leading ITOM products in 2017, we knew it was a stepping-stone to full SaaS offerings. Many of our customers weren’t ready to consume ITOM solutions as SaaS, but they wanted the elasticity and easier updates that containerization offers. With the product containerization effort completed, Micro Focus is now uniquely positioned to offer the same software and user experience no matter where or how you run our products—on-premises, in your own cloud, or consumed as SaaS directly from Micro Focus or one of our partners.

That means you can migrate the investments you’ve made in Micro Focus ITOM products into the deployment architecture of your choice, on your schedule, without having to retrain operational staff, change processes, or lose data. Migrating to a SaaS version of the ITOM product you already know supports the agility needs of your IT Operations team in the face of changing business demands. At the same time, you gain access to the latest updates and capabilities without having to manage the management tool.

Micro Focus also offers unique SaaS licensing for our ITOM products—including the SaaS Flex program, which aligns costs with the pace of your adoption ramp—and the option to meet AWS MarketPlace commitments by purchasing our SaaS solutions there. Our SaaS offerings span both Enterprise Service Management and AIOps, support on-premises and cloud assets, and provide broad integration with other ITOM vendor technologies to make the best use of your investments.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our latest SaaS offerings, start with our Enterprise Service Management solution, SMAX, and our AIOps solution, Operations Bridge. Or contact ServiceIT+ Inc. today.



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