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Fostering Thought Leadership and Innovation at LiveX UnConference

Updated: May 7

Service IT+ team engaging and innovating at the LIVEX UnConference, Davao, March 21st.

On March 21st, Service IT+ participated in the LIVEX UnConference held in Davao. The event aimed to highlight the challenges and opportunities across various sectors, including Healthcare, Education and Training, Creatives, and Food Safety and Agriculture.

Utilizing the World Cafe method, participants engaged in discussions, ultimately concluding that integrating technology with sector-specific challenges presents both significant opportunities and barriers for innovation.

The conference emphasized the critical role of collaborative efforts specifically between government, private sectors, and technology solution providers, such as Service IT+, in leveraging technology's transformative potential across various sectors. Discussions from the audience highlighted how technology enhances healthcare accessibility, improves patient outcomes, bridges educational gaps, fosters creative expression and monetization, and ensures sustainability and food security in food safety and agriculture.

Taking everything into account, it shows that the current challenges within these sectors are intricate and call for a collaborative approach, which calls for partnerships that could expedite the development and implementation of innovative solutions. This emphasizes the importance of innovation and collaboration across sectors for growth and competitiveness which highlights the IT industry's crucial role in driving change and fostering a future of breakthroughs through collective efforts for a better global society.

Building on the insights gathered from the conference, we are both humbled and elated to affirm our commitment to our vision and mission on making technology excel to drive organizations forward by helping leaders and organizations reach their full potential.

Our vision is to harness the transformative power of automation and IT solutions to push both the private and government sectors towards unprecedented levels of efficiency and innovation. By integrating advanced technologies, we not only streamline processes but also unlock new opportunities for growth and competitive advantage.

Service IT+ commits itself on driving innovation by working closely with stakeholders across various industries to tailor solutions that meet the unique needs of each organization. Through our initiatives, we aim to foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring that organizations are not just keeping pace with technological advancements but are also leaders in their respective fields.

Service IT+ have had the privilege of collaborating on diverse projects across a spectrum of industries, both private and government sectors, each leaving a profound impact on our journey as a growing company. We stand proud as an innovation partner, deeply engaged in not only participating but also actively driving pioneering initiatives across multiple sectors.

As we look ahead, our commitment to advancing through continuous learning and growth stands unyielding. We are resolute in our pursuit of excellence, recognizing that the landscape of technology and business is ever-evolving. We are resilient and committed to ensuring that our collective capabilities are always expanding. This approach not only enhances our service delivery but also ensures that we are an enthusiastic, forward-thinking organization capable of adapting to and leading change.

Moving forward, we remain dedicated and steadfast in our pursuit of excellence as an organization. We are not just preparing for the future; we are actively shaping it to ensure that we continue to deliver unparalleled value to our clients and remain a beacon of excellence in our field by prioritizing growth through learning and innovation.



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