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Education and Training Services

Through our end-to-end Professional Services and Best Practice Advisory, we guide customers in strategically planning, implementing, and consistently enhancing the utilization of technology. 

Our primary focus is on providing the necessary tools and training to empower the individuals who will be using our solutions. Acting as the foundational bridge that aligns people with the culture and quality of work a project or initiative needs. We emphasize the development of skills and knowledge essential for seamless solution utilization that empowers organizations to not only meet but exceed their overall business objectives, ensuring optimal returns on investment.

Elevating Expertise with
Professional Training Services

What we offer

Discover transformative IT education and excellence at Service IT+, offering specialized services such as the ITIL Foundation Course for mastering IT service management principles and the comprehensive ITAM Training program, empowering your team to navigate complexities, optimize IT assets, and ensure operational excellence and strategic management.

  • Designed to introduce learners to the management of modern IT-enabled services, including key concepts and common language used in the ITIL services lifecycle.

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  • The IT Asset Management (ITAM) Foundation Certification gives participants a basic understanding of the importance of IT Asset Management, and how the different areas relate to other functions and departments.

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Education and Training Services

Our Services

Service IT+ offers end-to-end professional services, assisting customers in product reviews and business justifications to ensure well-informed decisions in selecting the right product for implementation. We leverage our expertise in IT project delivery, working closely with clients and adopting best practices. Our services include consultancy, training, implementation, project management, and continuous support to ensure customers maximize technology use and derive optimal value from their solutions. 

Speak to our experts today

Speak to our experts today

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