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10 Ways Tanium Improves Vulnerability Management

Updated: Mar 13

10 Ways Tanium Improves Vulnerability Management

When you perform vulnerability assessments with Tanium Comply, you will…

1. Reduce network blind spots with comprehensive scanning

With traditional tools you often fail to identify many remote and offline endpoints in your network, and perform assessments with a limited library of potential issues.

This leaves you with many unknown vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, incidents of non-compliance, and other sources of hidden risk within your environment.

With Tanium our customers typically find 10 – 20% more endpoints in their environment than they knew they had.

2. Identify and scan unmanaged IP-enabled devices

Most traditional tools can only identify and assess the vulnerability and compliance status for manageable endpoints that can host the tool’s agent.

But many IP-enabled devices — like hypervisors and routers — live in your users’ networks and can carry vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and open you up to risk.

With Tanium, our customers perform Remote Authenticated Scans to maintain an up-to-date picture of unmanaged devices in their network and their vulnerabilities.

3. Deliver real-time intelligence for prioritization and compliance

With traditional tools you need days or weeks to run scans across your entire environment and lack the ability to validate whether remediation efforts worked.

This forces you to assess your vulnerability and compliance status — and to prioritize and guide remediation efforts — with stale, inaccurate, and often incomplete data.

With Tanium, our customers collect accurate, real-time data by running on-demand or scheduled scans for targeted endpoint groups or their entire environment in minutes.

4. Unify siloed teams within your organization on one platform

With traditional tools you must adopt multiple point solutions — each performing one task or focused on one framework — to develop complete vulnerability management in your organization.

But each new point solution requires its own agent, infrastructure and teams to run — creating needless costs, data infidelity of vulnerabilities, and more bottlenecks to start remediating them.

With Tanium, our customers work from one platform that unifies separate teams across one dataset to complete their vulnerability management cycles with speed, control, and ease.

5. Run one-click reports to simplify audit preparation

With traditional tools you need substantial time to assess your environment, bandwidth to run the scans, and manual effort to compile your results for every audit.

This makes it challenging to collect accurate, real-time evidence for audits or internal reporting, and turns these activities into high-effort, time-consuming “fire drills”.

With Tanium, our customers define flexible assessments that collect the needed data, aggregate their evidence, and generate real-time audit-ready reports in one click.

6. Increase Comply coverage for more complete vulnerability assessment

With traditional tools your vulnerability scans are slow, high-bandwidth, and expensive — which prevents you from scanning every endpoint in your environment.

This creates gaps in vulnerability assessment coverage that lead to incomplete, inaccurate data and increased exposure to vulnerabilities, non-compliance, and risk.

With Tanium, our customers can quickly measure what percentage of their endpoints currently lack coverage, and rapidly expand Comply to bring them into the fold.

7. Reduce endpoints with critical or high vulnerabilities

With traditional tools you may lack the bandwidth to apply controls — like patches, software updates, and new configurations — to every endpoint that requires them.

This leaves many endpoints with security exposures and incidents of non-compliance that put you at greater risk of disruption, breaches, or regulatory consequences.

With Tanium, our customers can apply controls to all of their endpoints, validate those controls applied properly, and re-apply failed controls to close remaining exposures.

8. Streamline your vulnerability management

With traditional tools you must still perform many vulnerability assessment and management activities manually and constantly switch between point solutions.

This makes vulnerability management a demanding, time-consuming and error-prone practice that must be carefully planned for and managed.

With Tanium, our customers can perform end-to-end vulnerability management from one console while simplifying and automating many steps.

9. Eliminate the need for hundreds or thousands of servers

With traditional tools you must purchase, stand up and manage a high volume of scan servers that increases as your environment grows.

These servers significantly increase overhead and make it slow, difficult and expensive to fold new assets into your existing vulnerability assessment capabilities.

With Tanium our customers leverage distributed, cloud and edge computing that automatically folds new assets into their vulnerability management lifecycle.

10. Launch Tanium Comply in hours or days — not weeks or months

With traditional tools you must spend weeks or months implementing new capabilities or expanding your existing capabilities to more of your assets.

This prevents you from responding with speed and agility to changes in your environment and leaves assets without coverage for long stretches of time.

With Tanium Cloud, our customers can launch vulnerability management capabilities in hours or days from a single SaaS-based instance.

Bring Tanium Comply to your organization

With legacy tools you are forced to perform ineffective vulnerability management. With Tanium, you will finally be able to perform vulnerability management the right way.

To learn more about how Tanium platform can help your organization , contact us at



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