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Philippine 5-Year National Cybersecurity Plan

Updated: May 7

As part of the initiative to drive the Philippines forward, President Marcos has adopted a five-year cybersecurity plan aimed at strengthening security and resilience in cyberspace.

Announced on April 4, the "whole-of-nation roadmap" NCSP plan crafted by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) for 2023-2028 highlights the importance of enhancing the security and resilience of the country’s cyberspace. This strategic move aligns with the objectives outlined in the Philippine Development Plan 2023-2028, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding both cyber and physical domains.

Over the years, the Philippines has made progress in cyberspace, but recent attacks highlight the need for greater vigilance. Despite ongoing efforts, the adoption of cybersecurity policies by both public and private sectors remains inadequate as seen in the chart below, necessitating change and improvement.

Figure 1: Philippine NCERT data reveals the top three cybersecurity incidents

Vision for 5-Year National Cybersecurity Plan

Ensuring a trusted, secure, and reliable cyberspace for every Filipino is the overarching vision, which defines the three main objectives to secure the nation’s cyberspace. To achieve that, the NCSP 2023-2018 framework outlines goals and outcomes aimed at realizing the vision.

Figure 2: Key outcomes of the 5-Year National Cybersecurity Strategy

Outcome 1: The state, and its people in cyberspace is proactively protected and secured

Cyberspace is increasingly being weaponized globally, with technology used to impact civilian critical infrastructures and distort information.

Service IT+ helps an organization ensure they are on track with their cybersecurity goals, particularly in achieving the outcome of having the state and its people proactively protected and secured.

We also offer services that continuously monitor cyber threats by utilizing advanced threat intelligence tools, and help organizations stay ahead of potential cyber attacks targeting critical infrastructures and public information systems.

Aligning with national cybersecurity plans like the NCSP, Service IT+ establishes proactive incident response capabilities in organizations. This involves not just addressing breaches after they occur but also setting up mechanisms for early detection and rapid response to mitigate the impact of cyber attacks.

Outcome 2: Cybersecurity workforce capabilities increased

Currently, there is a significant skills gap among cybersecurity professionals in the country, which presents challenges to our ability to safeguard digital assets effectively.

To address the significant skills gap among cybersecurity professionals and enhance workforce capabilities, Service IT+ develops and provides specialized training programs tailored to the specific needs of the organization (check: Education and Training Services). These programs, which can be conducted through workshops and online courses, would focus on upskilling the current workforce and equipping them with the latest cybersecurity techniques and knowledge on emerging threats and defense mechanisms.

Service IT+ also facilitates the creation of collaborative learning environments where professionals can share insights, best practices, and learn from each other’s experiences through our highly attended events.

By collaborating with educational institutions, Service IT+ also plans to set up internship and apprenticeship programs that allow students and recent graduates to gain practical experience in cybersecurity. This not only helps in bridging the educational and professional gap but also aids in recruiting fresh talent into the industry.

Outcome 3: Cybersecurity policy framework strengthened

Given the multidisciplinary nature of cybersecurity and the overlapping mandates of our various government agencies, close cooperation and collaboration among government bodies and private sectors are expected to ensure effective outcomes.

As the leading authority on cybersecurity policy and implementation,

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) will take charge of overseeing and improving current cybercrime and cybersecurity laws and regulations. The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), on the other hand, will work alongside global partners to protect our interests and ensure a secure and dependable online environment.

To strengthen the cybersecurity policy framework and ensure alignment with the goals of the DICT & DFA, Service IT+ provides expert consultation to help organizations develop strong cybersecurity policies that comply with national guidelines and regulations. This includes aligning with international best practices to ensure a secure and reliable cyberspace.

Service IT+ can facilitate collaboration programs that bring together various stakeholders, including government agencies, and private sector entities. These programs aim to foster cooperation, coordinate cybersecurity efforts, and share critical information across sectors.

Consistent with the goals of the NCSP, Service IT+ can play a crucial role in bridging the skills gap in the cybersecurity domain by enhancing cybersecurity defense mechanisms, improving incident response, and fostering a culture of cybersecurity awareness. This alignment demonstrates the company’s commitment to national priorities and its role in national security.

As a company focused on elevating technology for every business, this perfectly aligns with the mission and vision of Service IT+.

As part of its commitment to service excellence and protecting Filipinos, Service IT+ can initiate community outreach programs that educate the public and smaller enterprises about cybersecurity risks and prevention methods. These programs can help build a more informed and resilient community against cyber threats.

At Service IT+, we take pride in assisting individuals and organizations in achieving their full potential. Leveraging our Filipino service excellence, we are more than committed to protecting our fellow Filipinos.

Through our ongoing efforts and active participation, we are committed to excel technology forward, driving organizations towards success, as a nation.



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