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Service IT+ achieves success with the Win Project in partnership with Landbank

Updated: 5 days ago

Service IT+ has established a new 3-year partnership with Landbank of the Philippines, dedicated to enhancing their services through the implementation of leading-edge and efficient technology. This partnership includes the supply, delivery, installation, and configuration of the Landbank Service Desk Management System, accompanied by three (3) years of reliable maintenance and support.

In our pursuit to enhance the digital workplace, this partnership focuses on improving the employee digital experience by deploying a unified ITSM tool, ensuring compliance with ITIL processes for better IT governance, and efficient administrative tasks for better usability. By consolidating IT services into a single, intuitive platform, Service IT+ facilitates easier access and more efficient problem resolution that caters a more productive environment.

Service IT+’s approach is the commitment to deliver a superior customer experience which can be achieved through a user-centric design that simplifies interactions and provides comprehensive support that ensures every touchpoint with the ITSM tool is comprehensive and effective. With these enhancements, this partnership can expect a more efficient, compliant, and user-friendly IT operation which significantly enhances employee satisfaction and operational efficacy.

In partnership with Landbank’s Information Technology group, and driven by our commitment to being a trusted partner offering the best and advanced solutions, our goal is to maintain Landbank’s leading position in the competitive finance industry by advancing their IT efficiency and helping them boost their employee productivity.



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