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Universe 2022: Five Highlights from the ITOM ESM Track

Updated: Mar 13

Universe 2022: Five Highlights from the ITOM ESM Track

Universe 2022 is over! It took place on 22–23 March for the EMEA and Americas regions and on 05–07 April for the APJ region. It was an extremely exciting online event packed with information from customers, partners, and product teams. Success stories, latest product news, and roadmap insights were great sources of inspiration.

Read on for a summary of the five highlights.

1. Operations will always be with us—NoOps is unachievable

In the ITOM Track Keynote, Charles Betz, Principal Analyst from Forrester Research, discussed changes in the IT management space. He picked the military term VUCA to summarize them—Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. According to Charles, Agile is key and becoming mainstream in a volatile, fast-changing world with rising demands for responsiveness and growing adoption of DevOps. The importance of product teams has displaced the relevance of project teams—and method-driven operations have been replaced by a product-centric operating model in which Ops and Dev unite in a fast feedback loop. Watch Take a Product-Centric Approach to Success for more details.

2. ESM is driven by AI, user experience, DevOps, non-IT expansion, and SaaS

In Part I of Enterprise Service Management Live Studio, Jacques Conand discussed ESM market drivers and trends, identifying five key areas of expansion: AI/ML and automation, unified employee experience, the critical link to DevOps, expansion into non-IT areas, and SaaS.

In Part II, Jacques shared the future direction of Micro Focus ESM along these five lines, including a glimpse into these areas:

  • Multilingual virtual agents

  • Smart-skills-based routing

  • ESM integration engine and library

  • Converged employee workplace experiences

  • Cloud DevOps governance

To learn more, replay the ESM Roadmap and Strategy Part I and II sessions, which also feature customer spotlights from Thales, Diebold Nixdorf, and Permanent TSB.

3. An adopt-and-go approach makes for successful SMAX SaaS migrations

SaaS has become the dominant consumption model. Lower TCO, scalability (up or down), easy patches and updates, 24×7 monitoring, and high availability—who doesn’t want those things? So what’s the best way to get there?

In his talk about successfully transitioning to SMAX SaaS, Jim Sargent, General Manager of Micro Focus Professional Services, discussed:

  • The opportunities SaaS creates

  • How to prep for migration

  • Pitfalls to avoid

  • Critical success factors

One of his biggest tips: Look at the business case, then take an adopt-and-go approach. Don’t try to do everything in a single project. Agile is key to early and ongoing success.

Thinking about moving to SaaS? Don’t miss this on-demand session.

4. Micro Focus ESM helps bring inspirational goals to life

Companies are achieving great things with our ESM solutions. If you want to hear some inspiring real-world stories—stories with enviable business outcomes—watch the “infotaining” presentations by Norsk helsenett, Achmea, and World Vision.

Take the World Vision story, for example, told by Jerome Capili, Global Director of IT Service Management.

World Vision wants to help every child reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. Jerome shared their ongoing service management journey and the key role that SMAX plays in their “Service Management Going Further” initiative. With SMAX, they have streamlined service delivery, improved the customer experience, and reached a more mature ITSM level—all critical success factors for the initiative and their overarching goal to empower children.

To hear this story in its entirety, watch the ESM Customer Panel on demand.

5. The SMAXperience really is faster, easier, and smarter

SMAX is at the core of Micro Focus’ Enterprise Service Management portfolio. Among the many Universe sessions that showcased SMAX and how it improves your service management, these two grabbed my attention—because they clarified what sets SMAX apart in the ESM crowd:

In this session, you’ll experience three exciting functional areas following a low-code/no-code approach: AI and machine learning, automation, and the creation of custom apps in six simple steps.

To learn more about how Micro Focus solutions , contact us at



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