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Meet the Four Vampires of IT Ops

Updated: Mar 13

Meet the Four Vampires of IT Ops

Most people associate vampires with the legendary Count Dracula of Bram Stoker’s epic novel or the supernatural beings of the Twilight universe.

But vampires are much like the destructive “forces” we see in IT Operations today. Like the stereotypical vampire, these forces lurk in various nooks and crannies—in this case, across IT Ops. They cloak themselves, too—in familiar tools, processes, and mindsets.

What’s so threatening about that?

Actually, the vampires of IT Ops are threatening precisely because they’re so familiar. You’re not on guard, so they steadily consume your resources and drain agility from your operations. If you want to successfully run and transform your business, you need to expose them to the sunlight now.

I recently wrote an article about the four classic vampires of IT Ops. You can read the article for more detail, but here’s a brief profile of each one:

Vampire 1 – Multiple points of interaction that increase the friction between users and IT.

Vampire 2 – Complex environments that slow the pace of resource request fulfillment.

Vampire 3 – An explosion of new services, which makes it harder to maintain positive user experiences.

Vampire 4 – Multiple delivery models that complicate security, compliance, and cost controls.

The lifeblood of these resource-thirsty vampires is complexity—which most IT orgs inadvertently add to as requirements change and change accelerates. But over time, manual workarounds and nonintegrated best-of-breed tool collections start to eat away at your ability to balance today’s needs with tomorrow’s opportunities.

If you’re struggling to run and transform at the same time, seek out the hidden vampires in your organization and expose them to the sunlight. The sooner, the better.

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