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A System Integrator’s Guide to Delivering Zero Trust Data Security with Rubrik

Updated: Mar 13

A System Integrator’s Guide to Delivering Zero Trust Data Security with Rubrik

The volume and frequency of ransomware attacks have increased significantly this past year. In fact, the number of ransomware attacks has nearly doubled in 2021 as compared to 2020. The impact of a breach is multi-fold and stretches well beyond the commonly acknowledged risks of downtime cost, impact on the brand, and the actual ransom paid. This has prompted a paradigm shift in how organizations and system integrators look at their cybersecurity strategy. It’s not just about preventing an attack through network security; the focus is on securing data. Data and data backups are often targets of ransomware attacks and both remediation and recovery of clean data are critical to avoid double extortion.

Data resiliency is integral in achieving cyber resiliency. If your data isn’t secure, your business is at risk. Because of their role as trusted advisors, System Integrators play a crucial role in helping customers define their data and cyber resiliency strategies. System Integrators can now provide end-to-end data security strategy and implementation services to prepare businesses for cyberattacks through prevention, protection, and resiliency.

What to consider when building your data security plan

Ransomware is a slow, creeping attack that doesn’t only target live data but also can encrypt your backups to prevent recovery. Backups have increasingly become the target of recent attacks. Secure, immutable backups are a critical building block of a defense-in-depth, cyber resiliency plan.

The key considerations that a System Integrator should have when evaluating a cyber-resilient solution include:

  1. Immutability: Are your backup copies immutable? Is immutability native to the solution deployed or achieved through additional third-party integrations? Are non-native immutable copies resilient?

  2. Ransomware Detection: Can your current backup solution alert you about a potential ransomware attack? Does the solution have advanced machine learning algorithms that go beyond the daily change rate, as an input to detect anomalies?

  3. Blast Radius: Can the solution give visibility of the impact of the attack at a granular level – e.g. the VMs or files impacted?

  4. Recovery Time Objective (RTO): How long does it take to recover data and apps, and can recovery happen at a granular level? What were the RTOs when a test run for remediation was conducted?

  5. Orchestrated Recovery: Does the solution have inbuilt automation to provide an orchestrated recovery?

  6. Total Cost of Ownership: Is the solution cost-optimal to achieve the desired state of protection? Combinations of solutions using multiple tools or offline airgap solutions tend to increase the cost of ownership.

Choosing Rubrik for Zero Trust Data Security™

Rubrik partners with System Integrators to address these challenges for their customers. The Rubrik platform is built on a foundation of Zero Trust architecture and was designed as a data security solution to mitigate ever-evolving cyber threats like ransomware. Some of the notable features of the Rubrik solution include:

Data Resilience: Rubrik is logically air-gapped which helps our customers protect their most precious asset, their data, from ransomware hackers. With Rubrik, you can safely keep a clean copy of your data in an immutable backup so you know that during recovery, you won’t be re-introducing malware back into your systems.

Data Observability: Through Ransomware Investigation, Sensitive Data Discovery, and Threat Hunting capabilities, Rubrik offers customers full visibility into their protected data so they know where their data lives, who has access to it, what is happening to it, and when. Stop worrying about ransomware slipping through the cracks of your system undetected and start taking action.

Data Recovery: Achieve near-zero RTO with Rubrik Orchestrated Application Recovery. Reduce or eliminate the significant business impact in the event of a ransomware attack and other disaster events.

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