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A Comprehensive Analysis of the True Cost of Free Remote Support Software

Remote support tools are indispensable for businesses of all sizes. While free or basic remote support tools may seem attractive due to their cost-effectiveness, they can often lead to significant hidden costs in the long run.

At first glance, free remote support tools appear to be a cost-saving measure. However, these tools often come with hidden costs that can accumulate over time. Small inefficiencies, such as lost time and reduced productivity, can add up to substantial financial impacts. These are individually small in number, but significant when viewed over a month.

  • Security Risks

Security is a critical concern for any organization, and free remote support tools often fail to meet the required standards. The cost of a security breach can be staggering, involving expensive investigations, loss of customer trust, and potential fines for compliance failures. According to a 2016 IBM report from the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach is around $4 million.

  • Productivity and Integration

Productivity is another area where free tools can fall short. These tools often lack integration with third-party solutions, such as IT Service Management (ITSM) tools, requiring time-consuming manual processes. Without seamless integration, support teams may spend excessive time dictating session notes, launching and closing sessions, and managing disparate systems. A study by Metrics That Matter found that 52% of companies waste up to five hours per week on such tasks, resulting in an average of nearly $29,000 in lost revenue per employee annually.

When issues arise with free remote support tools, finding help can be challenging. Many free tools lack robust customer support, leading to wasted time browsing forums or waiting on hold. This downtime can significantly impact productivity.

In contrast, Service IT+ can offer comprehensive support resources including live support, detailed guides, and tutorials, which can minimize time spent troubleshooting and maximize productivity.

While free remote support tools may seem cost-effective initially, their limitations and associated hidden costs often make them more expensive in the long run.

Being able to invest in enterprise-grade solutions can offer better security, integration, and support, ultimately providing a higher return on investment. Service IT+ can help businesses to enable quick access and resolution of issues and deliver a superior customer experience.

Free yourself up from the true (and usually high) costs of a free remote support tool and gain access to a remote support solution that brings more value and increases your competitive advantage.

Talk to us for a free-consultation and no obligation demo and free trial of BeyondTrust Remote Support.

Driven by excellence in delivering our services, Service IT+ aims to be your trusted partner in navigating the domains of IT, providing solutions that enhance your business performance. From initiating a support session to logging activities and managing tickets, our goal is to reduce the time spent on manual processes, increase productivity, and allow your support staff to focus on resolving issues more efficiently.



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