Execview Quick Start Project Management Office (PMO)

Set up a best practice PMO service rapidly – with low risks and low costs

Empower your portfolio and major programme owners with the optimum in PMO capability

Execview’s Quick Start PMO gets your Programme Management Office (PMO) up and running in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible – with no compromises on quality and impact of the results. Provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), our Quick Start PMO is a low risk and low cost PMO capability, giving you:

  • Interim PMO leadership
  • Tools and processes out of the box
  • Training and mentoring for PMO, PMs and Sponsors

PMO excellence in management and delivery – with ease

With Execview’s Quick Start PMO service you can drive and support all of your portfolios, programmes and projects. No matter how large or small, we enable you to build an effective PMO solution rapidly and effectively to meet all of your needs.

It means you get PMO excellence in management and delivery, giving you best practice for your PMO team.

It’s a ‘just do it’ decision – with radical impact

  • Reduces the risks, costs and timescales of delivery.
  • Low cost, no barriers: as a cloud-based platform, you can deploy Execview PMO in hours or days. It requires no capital investment or complex integration.
  • Delivers results impressively and fast.
  • Comes pre-built and works for you out of the box.
  • Cost savings and ROI. Expect to make rapid, tangible cost savings and significant intangible gains.

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