What is Execview?

Execview provides a ground- breaking Enterprise Platform for delivering and managing business transformation, operational excellence or strategic outcomes. Execview combines best industry practices, thinking and visibility into a software platform that gives customers the capacity and capability to deliver change themselves, reducing the need for external consultants.

Execview offers capabilities previously unavailable to them. This includes:

  • Real ‘Line of Sight’ – from strategy to delivery – with an all-important single version of the truth for executives and professionals.
  • Linkage across the business, connecting results back to the original strategic overview – with all the delivery in between.
  • Easy measurement of results and performance, an area of immense difficulty for many organisations today.
  • The ability for internal teams to deliver for themselves, with less reliance on consultants for best practice.
  • Extraordinary cost-effectiveness and significant ROI. Savings in cost and efficiencies dwarf the investment in Execview.

Execview offers the ability to drive, innovate and control businesses. Board-level dashboards ensure timely, informed and effective enterprise-wide management and decision-making – while sophisticated tools enable the planning and managing of complex enterprise programmes, portfolios and projects – along with service delivery and operational services, including services outsourced to third parties.

By giving executives and professionals a concise and instant view of what’s happening in the business, Execview drives up corporate performance. It’s highly innovative, intuitive displays of visual management techniques put critical information at the fingertips of the people running the business. Enabling them to attain high levels of business performance, it offers a complete view of the data needed to steer the company, manage KPIs and SLAs, and plan, monitor and track to make the right decisions while easily identifying risks and issues. Being designed by industry experts, Execview automatically incorporates industry best practices as part of the solution – such as Prince2, CMMI, ITIL, MSP, and EFQM methodologies – empowering users and reducing the expense of external consultants’ skills.

The technology and methods we deliver are ground-breaking. Available in the Cloud, on a Software-as-a-Service basis (or implemented within your own Private Cloud or environment if required), Execview can take just a few days or weeks to be live with an organisation’s data. It provides leading enterprise management functionality at a fraction of the cost, demanding no capital outlay or infrastructure and seamlessly calling on information from systems across the enterprise.

Execview is a truly ‘disruptive’ technology; it represents a paradigm shift in organisation-wide reporting and management while driving up efficiencies and offering a faster, leaner and more cost effective way to run the business. As organisations evolve, Execview can be used to replace multiple, disparate reporting systems and other software making vast cost savings and organisational efficiency improvements.


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