Fueled by Passion and Perseverance

We began with simple goals: to make help desk software we’d want to use and to do business honestly, putting customers first.


Cherwell Software™ makes life better for you and the customers you serve. Our award-winning IT service management platform empowers you to design and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Cherwell quickly answers your service desk and help desk software needs while giving you the platform to solve your business process challenges – from HR to Facilities to Legal (Service Relationship Management). There are others that offer such a platform – we just do it better, easier, and make it more affordable.

Our ITSM product and platform is truly codeless—no scripting required. Easily automate and standardize all your business processes and enjoy seamless upgrades. Our Service Relationship Management Platform enables IT to partner with the business to quickly build customized solutions (on-premise or SaaS). This is true Business Enablement!

cherwell award

Understanding the IT Industry Legend Logo

  • The eagle embodies a “person of action” with high intellect and ingenuity. Its keen eyes represents the penetrating discernment that provides deep understanding and foresight. The Cherwell logo is “hidden” in the eagle’s wings.
  • The torch symbolizes the enlightenment and guidance that the legends have bestowed on countless others through the years and the counsel they’ve so openly provided in the advancement of the industry.
  • The key of science represents knowledge, curiosity, and guardianship. Legends have a sense of responsibility to move the industry forward.
  • The Borromean rings on the key handle are so intertwined that removing any one causes the entire structure to fall apart. It symbolizes strength in unity. These three rings represent process, people, and technology.

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