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Borland’s mission is to optimize the software development supply chain. We have been building software delivery tools for 30 years, and have helped thousands of organizations improve and automate their software development capability.  Our industry-leading software solutions enable companies to take control of the ever-growing variety and complexity of their applications, systems and partnerships.


Organizations face many challenges. Keeping up with innovation such as cloud computing and mobile applications while competing on a global stage with boundless consumer expectation, requires investment, dedication and creativity. Despite these challenges, there is also unprecedented opportunity, and Borland helps you automate, manage and measure every aspect of your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC – Borland refers to this as the Software Supply Chain ) to achieve maximum business value.

Like many other industries, the manufacturing process of software development increasingly uses outsourcing, triggering an even greater need for clarity, predictability and compatibility. Borland’s solutions ensure that companies on both the demand and supply ends of the supply chain operate with the highest levels of precision, validation and control, meaning that the benefits of partnership are realized, and the associated risks are minimized.


Our solutions directly integrate with many complementary development environments, whether open source or commercial, so the investments you’ve made in your Application Lifecycle Management tools can be built upon with confidence. We understand the importance of adapting to the ways you prefer to work, so we can do more than simply help you stay ahead of the game – we’ll add value to what you already have.

Borland’s products enable you to work the way you want to, supporting traditional software development processes and methodologies, iterative approaches, and agile development. We recognize that agile development is increasingly important to companies who want to deliver faster, and to take more control of the business and technology trends that continually require change.

We also understand that most companies will want to make that transition incrementally over time, so we provide the flexibility to work in various ways, all within the same toolset, so that the benefits of great precision, validation and control can be realized at a pace that suits you.


Our teams of professionals help you ensure your investments are successful by providing guidance based on experience with hundreds of software improvement projects. We’ll help you in shaping the solution and managing the transition to continuously improving the software process you use, and the software that you deliver.

Working with companies of all sizes means we know how to provide the right support. From small focused teams, to teams working on enterprise scale software applications, covering every stage of the Software Development Lifecycle. Our solution architects and customer engineers around the world are experienced in many different industry sectors, tools, technologies and platforms, so they will be able to quickly start adding value from the first conversation.

Borland believes that optimizing your software development supply chain requires excellence in precision, control and validation, and we look forward to showing you how.

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