Introduction to ITSM Service Desk, Incident Management, and Problem Management ITIL Version 3

Real-world skills using ITSM for Service Desk staff


As a rule, modern organizations are extremely dependent on IT for the execution of their (business) strategy, tasks and goals. Research has shown that one in five organizations will no longer be able to carry out its operations if IT services are not available for more than a few hours. This courser has been developed for and based upon the ITIL Version 3 framework. It covers all aspects of the Service Desk, Incident management and Problem management activities. Attention  b…is also given on the all-important interfaces and input/outputs with other ITIL processes and procedures.

The course has been designed such that all aspects are covered in a logical  order, and focusing on the life cycle model which is at the heart of ITIL version 3. This course is intended as an introduction to ITIL Service Management practices in the context of the Service Desk function and associated operational processes.

ITIL gives guidance on the provision of quality IT services.  It is divided into 5 books each covering a number of closely related and interrelated topics and processes.

The Library was developed in recognition of organizations’ growing dependency on IT.  Without IT, most businesses cannot function; without quality IT, they cannot function well.

Organizations therefore need quality IT services.  These services must, of course, be matched to business needs and customer requirements as they evolve, and they must be provided economically which implies making optimum use of scarce IT skills.

The IT Infrastructure Library embodies good practice for IT service management.  It provides a documented, systematic approach that will help organizations to deliver well managed IT services in the face of such difficulties.


By using a number of practical real-world examples, exercises, understanding- and result-oriented preparation, using both real-life business issues and questions the participant will learn how and why the Service Desk function, together with Incident Management and Problem Management really work, and how all it’s important inputs and outputs and activities should be implemented and managed effectively. Besides key concepts of ITIL, in-depth attention will be paid to the design, preparation and implementation of procedures and work-instructions for Service Desk and Incident Management staff. Attention is also given to the all-important interfaces with other ITSM processes such as Change management and Asset & Configuration management.


After completing the course the participant will be able to:

  • Communicate the meaning and relevance of ITSM within the IT organization and within the client organization, and can assist in setting up, managing and harmonizing the ITIL Service Desk function and the Incident Management process with the other management processes.
  • Understand the use of the IT Services and infrastructure, the Business perspective, as well as basic understanding of real-life implementation and management issues
  • Work with Service desk and Incident management tools and techniques
  • Understand, Measure, Analyze and Report Service Desk and Incident Management effectiveness
  • Understand the ITIL version 3 lifecycle model and the differences between ITIL version 2 and 3
  • Understand the Customer Focus, Business perspective and IT perspective
  • Determine and understand business and IT requirements by obtaining information from the client and/or business
  • Support the tools and procedures necessary


None. This course however prepares the participant for ITSM Best practices, ITIL version 3. This course is excellent and beneficial for those participants and organizations that want their staff and practices to be compliant with and ready for full ITIL and/or SDI certification.

Subjects & Processes

The following subjects will be dealt with during this course:

  • Incident management exercises;
  • The key and steering processes of an IT organization;
  • Planning, measuring and improving, as well as management issues;
  • Interfaces between processes;
  • Techniques and measurements;
  • Reporting

Topics covered

  • The Incident Management Process
  • Relation to Problem Management and Change management
  • The Configuration Management Process
  • First line incident support, restoration of service
  • Business Application Support
  • The all-important Business Service Metrics
  • Designing the incident management process
  • Coding systems
  • Scripts and design and usage of scripts.
  • Incident record content.
  • Escalation.
  • The Service Desk Function and role.
  • Interface between IT and users.
  • Business Process Support.
  • Local, central and virtual Service Desks.
  • Reporting IT Service Quality
  • Structuring the Service Desk.
  • Service Desk Education and Training.
  • Use of knowledge bases.
  • Outsourcing aspects.
  • Request Fulfillment
  • Event Management
  • Access Management
  • Incidents, problems and known errors.
  • Problem control and prevention
  • Error control procedures
  • Coding systems for problem/error categorization
  • Impact, urgency and priority
  • Coverage of some Proactive Problem Management aspects
  • Discussion of some Problem solving techniques


This 1-day training begins each day at 09.00 and finishes at 17.00

Target Groups

This course is intended for Service Desk staff and management, and those that have to participate within ITSM and/or other quality control processes within the business: Process owners, Supervisors, Helpdesk- and/or Service desk staff and/or other client-facing roles, Support Staff, and so forth. In general, however, this course is beneficial and useful for anybody with some basic IT experience – from “workfloor staff” to management.


  • None

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