ServiceIT+ employs a team of consultants and managers who have many years’ combined experience of delivering successful service management solutions. This team utilizes its own iGuide implementation model to ensure best practices are followed:

Discover Gather/confirm business and technical requirements
Define Describe the solution and approach to meet requirements
Design Specify the technical elements of solution
Develop Create new adaptations for solution
Deliver Install, configure and test base solution
Deploy Commission final solution to go-live
Direct Manage the solution delivery


“Out-of-the box” implementations

Supportworks can be implemented quickly, to provide benefit within days.
Typical tasks for “out-of-the box” implementation include:

  • Installation of Supportworks software
  • Integration of customer data and e-mail systems
  • Minor configuration changes.

Customized implementations

Supportworks can also be adapted for more complex implementations, such as ITIL customizations or non-IT service management solutions.
Typical tasks for customized implementations include:

  • Database schema modifications
  • Creating or modifying forms
  • Creating additional (form, data and workflow) functionality
  • Automated integration to other business applications.

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